Day: June 9, 2013

Review: Two Piano recitals,Taipei, 8th June 2013

樂評:2013年6月8日台北,兩場鋼琴演奏會 林順欽2013鋼琴獨奏會–數位交響樂團協奏 美國鋼琴家 林恩・雷勵教授 台灣當代鋼琴作品獨奏會 Piano recitals are like buses – you wait ages and then two show up at the same time! First up was Lin Shuennchin at the National Recital Hall at 14.30 to perform Liszt’s first piano concerto and Rachmaninoff’s second concerto – but without orchestra! Instead, with digital orchestra. O brave […]

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