Piano recital reviews: Sergei Glavatskih

Rachmaninoff’s Etude-Tableaux must be in fashion these days! Sergei Glavatskih’s recital  last night was the second complete performance of Op 39 within one month here in Taipei, the other being by Alexey Kudryashov.

Glavatskih was phenomenally good in the first set of Etude Tableaux Op 33 – the elegiac and drooping G minor for example being shaped and voiced to perfection. And the Op 10 Morceaux de Salon, dedicated to Pabst (with whom the composer gave the first performance of the Suite for 2 pianos) was astoundingly good – fluent (perhaps marginally too fast), the dance rhythms were effectively picked out, the technical demands were thrown off as comfortably as a silk sheet at dawn, and the audience attention was assured – this was Rachmaninoff heaven!

Sergei Glavatskih deserves to be much better known. Thanks to Artemis Yen who invited him.

The second half, though,  was slightly disappointing in comparison. The Op 39 Etudes were performed in a curious, non-numerical order, opening with a rather a shaky performance of D minor, closing with a not always accurate reading of D major, while the E-flat minor in penultimate position was given a slightly disappointing, faded reading. Perhaps after the stellar first half, such a high octane level of performance skill could not be maintained, except perhaps by a superman.

My overall score: Glavatskih 8.5 out of 10. Come back soon perhaps with a less exhausting programme 😉

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