Lessons for pianists retraining after injury

Now offering consultation lessons via the internet

(in English, French, Italian or Mandarin) for pianists (of any age and level) recovering from injuries including RSI (repetitive strain injury), tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome, and anyone looking for more effective way to make music at the piano.

[Your lesson on YT will look a bit like these:]

Piano lesson s for pianists recovering from injuryupper arm

Having suffered from Tendonitis / Repetitive Strain Injury around 1990, I have patiently retrained over the past 25 years, with much help from Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais, my piano teachers in Paris and London, and have done extensive reading on the subject. I am now in a position to assist others looking for a more healthy and comfortable way to recover and play music at the piano.

I can guide you as you retrain at your own pace, and as you learn underlying principles behind playing musically, with suppleness, while avoiding injuries in the future.

My lessons are clear and succinct.

Once we have agreed a plan of action together that meets your needs, we will exchange videos. My teaching video will be uploaded to YouTube (private channel, only you can watch it) within 4 working days of my receiving your video. Mine will be a 5 minute personalised coaching video containing demonstrations, simple exercises and instructions on how you should practice them, together with a short email giving you instructions plus page reference(s) to suggested reading (below).

Meanwhile you can check out my own videos on YouTube recorded in 2013. YT link, Rachmaninoff played by Matthew Koumis

Background reading:
1. “What every pianist needs to know about the body” by Thomas Mark.
2.  “Artistic Piano Playing as Taught by Ludwig Deppe”, by Elisabeth Caland, translated by Evelyn Sutherland Stevenson
3. “Chopin: Pianist and Teacher, as seen by his pupils”, by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger.
4. The Potent Self by Moshe Feldenkrais

Technical requirements:
Unless you can visit me in my Taipei studio, we will need to set up simple and reliable channels for exchange. Don’t panic, the following list may seem long, but you may have most of it in place already. If not, most teenagers could help you set up the following in less than an hour (probably less time than it would take you to travel to a piano lesson in most major cities)!

You will need:

  • A Skype account (for our conversations)
  • A YouTube channel (to upload short videos, these can easily be set to ‘private’ so that only you and I can see them )
  • A PayPal account (to pay me securely, knowing that you will be fully refunded if you do not get what was promised)
  • Smart phone, or Camera, to record very short videos of you playing the piano.
  • Tripod to support your camera (optional)
  • Technical know-how to upload your videos to YouTube, so I can view them.

How to proceed
Please email me at matthewkoumis@gmail.com  and we will make an appointment to have a Skype telephone conversation, at which time you can explain to me your situation.

I look forward to the opportunity of being able to help you play comfortably and safely again!


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