Month: May 2014

French musical perfume!

The greatest French song recording of all time? Go here for the words in french and english:

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Matthew Koumis / Kong Tienxi and Jo-chieh Yao play Country Gardens by Grainger

Played by Jo-chieh Yao and Kong Tienxi, Tienmu, Taipei, Taiwan, 19 May 2014. Schott Edition. “1936, Lovingly and reverently dedicated to the memory of Edvard Grieg. Dished up for 1 piano 4 hands”

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Student successes

Congratulations to my former students Emmy and Mike Huang on their recent successes back in Southampton (UK)! Emmy Huang came 1st place in the Chappell Challenge and also won a medal in the Baroque or Classical Junior Piano, 14 years and under class, Mike Huang won the Southampton Piano Teachers’ Challenge Cup, and the Whitwam […]

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