Piano Lesson FAQs

FAQ 常⾒見問題

What if I want a longer lesson?
You can decide to have longer lesson at any time. The cost of the additional minutes is calculated at a rate of NT$1,600 per hour, so for example, an extra 10 minutes costs an extra NT$266 per lesson. Pre-professional coaching and consultation is charged at the rate of NT$1,800 per additional hour.

How many lessons in one month?
One lesson per week and recurs on the same day and time for 4 lessons in a month, 38 lessons in one academic year. We do recognize public holidays and family vacations. If a lesson is missed in one month, it can be caught up the next month.

How to reschedule a lesson?
Please notify the instructor 24 hours prior to the lesson via text message (SMS) to +886-912-410-769. The lesson can be rescheduled free of charge at maximum of 6 times in 38 lessons of one academic year. The missed lesson will normally be held on Sunday between 14:00 to 19:00PM at mutual convenience.

What if my child already has another piano teacher?
You are still welcome to come for additional supporting lessons on a flexible drop-in basis. Topics can be covered depend on your needs, such as stage
comportment, performance coaching, program notes in preparation for recital, technical support with problem passages, musical analysis of pieces being prepared, increased security of memory, tips for reducing stage fright, increasing the inspirational performance of your music.

Is there a waiver on tuition?
Study scholarships may be given in the cases of students with financial hardship at the teacher’s discretion following conversation during the trial lesson.

Can the instructor travel to your home?
Yes, if the distance of your house is within 1 kilometer of the studio, the instructor can travel to your home at extra cost of NT$200 each class.

How to discontinue lessons?

If you are relocating to another country, or in an unlikely event that you wish to discontinue lessons, please give us as much notice in advance as possible. No refund will be given on the advanced payment for the lessons.