Piano Lessons in Taipei


Matt can teach piano lessons in English, French, Italian and Greek. His Mandarin proficiency is at basic level, but his Taiwanese wife, Jo-Chieh, Yao is a qualified professional translator and can help whenever is needed.
The private piano lesson is given based on the skill levels of students regardless the ages of students, which will be determined after the first trial lesson. Below curriculum may be adjusted and varied by each student.

Matt⽼師可以以英文、法文、義大利和希臘文授課,但僅有基礎的中文能力, 他的台灣太太姚若潔是位專業認證的翻譯人員,則可以隨時協助您。


Entry Level 初級

1. Rhythm and timing training
2. Ear training to recognize the notes, Do-re-mi
3. Good piano posture from the beginning. This will also be explained to the parents, so that student can be reminded from time to time at home.
4. Piano exercises on music pieces, such as Dozen a Day; in time, with good hand position and confident in performance
5. Percussion; playing the triangle in time to the beat of the music; playing wood block, xylophone and glockenspiel
6. Recorder is optional
7. Small amount of theory to begin the basics of reading and writing music, but without pressure

Study Material 教材

• Dozen a Day Series by Edna Mae Burnam
• “25 Folk Songs for Young Pianists” by Matthew Koumis
• Exercises and songs by Matthew Koumis
• Piano Lessons Book 1 (The Waterman/Harewood Piano Series)
• Approach to Better Pianist, by Misako Koike
• Theory Made Easy for Little Children, books 1 & 2 by Lina Ng
• Piano Lessons Book 1 by Lina Ng
• Practical Musicianship (ABRSM Book 1 Grades 1-3)

Intermediate Level 中級

1. Maintaining good posture at the piano
2. Scales: all white note major and minor scales
3. Keyboard harmony to understand simple chords
4. Ear training including beating time like a conductor 5. Improvisation and composition
6. Studying piano music in a wide variety of styles
7. Coaching in public performance to gain confidence
8. Theory

Study Material 教材

• JS Bach ‘18 Little Preludes’
• Dozen a Day Books 2-3 by Edna Mae Burnam
• Czerny Studies
• Schumann ‘Album for the Young’
• Grieg ‘Lyric Pieces’
• Kabalevsky ‘15 Children’s Pieces’ Op 27
• 25 Folk Songs for Young Pianists, by Matthew Koumis
• Diabelli ‘Melodious Pieces’ (4-hand Duets)
• Oscar Peterson ‘Jazz Exercises’
• Lina Ng ‘My First Theory Book’ (vols 1-3)
• Practical Musicianship (ABRSM Book 1 Grades 1-3)
• Graded Aural Tests by Annie Warburton

Advanced Level 進階

1. All major and minor scales and arpeggios
2. Individual pieces, depending on the individual student’s wishes, strengths and weaknesses. The student’s best and preferred pieces will be worked again and polished in preparation for student recital, which is held in Taipei every 6 months
3. Keyboard harmony
4. Improvisation and transposition
5. Ear training
6. Music analysis
7. One non-classical style from this list or similar: Scott Joplin Rags, Oscar Peterson Jazz Exercises, Exploring Jazz piano 1 by Tim Richards, Basic Blues for Piano by Ron Payne
8. History of Music which applies to the pieces being studied
9. Listening Assignments from ‘Music in Cyberspace’ by Matthew Koumis 10. Coaching in public performance to gain confidence, including stage comportment
Some pieces recently worked with advanced students include:
• Tchaikovsky Concerto 1
• Schubert Wanderer Fantasy
• Bach Italian Concerto
• Scarlatti Sonata in B minor K27
• Haydn Sonata XVI / 34
• Chopin Etude Op 25:12
• Brahms Rhapsody in G minor Op 79:2

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Trial lesson 體驗課

Please don’t be nervous! Everybody is welcome to learn the piano from me. The trial lesson is just a relaxed opportunity for you to visit my studio and discuss what you would like to learn, we can talk through the best learning strategy for the coming months, find a mutually convenient day and time for class, decide which editions of your music to work from, and so on. It’s like your ‘pre-lesson’. You could play me any two pieces of your choice, either on a grand piano (slightly heavier keys) or an upright piano (slightly lighter keys). Please bring your music with you.

For Ages 5-16

Students will receive one on one private piano lesson once a week. Lessons will focus not only on playing your pieces, but also on technique, ear-training, sight-reading, improvisation, composition and music appreciation.
Four weekly 30 mins, 45 mins, or an hour sessions each month Recitals twice a year
Fun and motivational practices

For Ages 17+

Students will receive one on one private piano lesson at a flexible time of your choice by appointment. Lessons will focus not only on playing the piano, but also on techniques, ear-training, sight-reading, improvisation, transposition and music appreciation.

  • An hour session each time
  • Recitals twice a year
  • Inspiring practices in piano performance

Pre-Professional Coaching & Consultation

Pre-professional coaching and consultation is provided for talented young pianists, and in particular for Taiwanese pianists considering pursuing their music career overseas.

  • A 75-mins customized lesson
  • Pass ABRSM Grade exams 1-8
  • Pass Trinity College Grade exams 1-8
  • Enter Conservatoire or Music College in Europe or USA Prepare for piano competitions
  • Teacher training