Mind-Body-Piano: How to Play the Piano Effortlessly like a Pro (ebook)



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The Thinking Pianist’s Library Volume 4 B
Mind-Body-Piano: How to Play the Piano Effortlessly like a Pro
(based on the Principles of Ludwig Deppe & The Alexander Technique) Author: Matthew Koumis
eBook for iPad (May 2017)

Part 1 teaches basic anatomy for pianists, written in a clear and succinct style for the modern reader. Illustrations give quick understanding of the muscles and bones relevant for piano playing.
Part Two offers a foundation course at the piano, with insights from the Alexander Technique. You’ll learn better piano posture, and how to hold and move your hands, arms and shoulders so that you can practice safely. Your performances will gain effortless improvement in tone, while avoiding the common injuries that befall so many pianists.
Part 3 is a condensed version of a German classic on piano pedagogy, Artistic Piano Playing As Taught By Ludwig Deppe by Elisabeth Caland from 1903 (originally published in 1897 in German as Die Deppe’sche Lehre des Klavierspiels). The language of this classic text has been brought up-to-date for the modern reader.
The three sections of the book have been created so that they can be studied independently or in combination.
Readership: pianists aged 16-60
Product Details:
Format: eBook fixed format for iPad (with colour illustrations) Dimensions: 22.9 x 15.2 cm
Pages: 150
Price: £9.95. Prices shown in GBP (British pounds).


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