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Samson Francois – A great Pianist!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGxENmPogOo In a recent magazine interview, Yvgeny Kissin included Samson Francois’ recording of Scarbo in his list of greatest recordings of all time. Here is an equally exciting video of Francois on stage, both in rehearsal and in concert, performing Liszt’s fine transcription of Bach’s Organ Prelude in A minor. I constantly remind my students […]

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Hey pianists, read more poetry!

The mind of the performing artist must be as cultured as that of the composer. Culture comes from the observation of many things: nature, architecture, science, sculpture, history, men and women, poetry. I advise aspiring pianists to read a great deal of poetry! Wise words from Teresa Carreno, one of the greatest lady pianists of […]

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